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Aromatic Duck Tikka

Tender strips of duck breast marinated in yoghurt with light spice & herbs, served with thin Indian bread


Duck Plaza
Supreme breast of tender duck, sliced & grilled. Cooked
in fresh spices, with button mushroomsgrilled peppers
& onions finished with fresh coriander - a dryish dish
full of flavours


Chicken/Lamb Tikka


Khazana Peri Gosth
Succulent grilled chicken/lamb stir fried with mixed
peppers & fried onion simmered with chef's special sauce


Chicken/Lamb Shashlick


Chingri Badsha
Medium spiced jumbo king prawns cooked in their shells with garlic, onion & fresh coriander topped with thick bhuna sauce


Panner Tikka Shashlick

Indian cheese marinated & grilled in Tandoor with onion
& mixed peppers


Khazana Tawapanner

Strips of grilled chicken/lamb stir fried with a combination of fresh peppers & spices, drizzled with tabasco sauce & finished with mild chedder cheese


Tandoori Chicken

The classic dish of two quarter pieces


Contains Nuts

Shahi Khazana Badami
Tender breast of grilled chicken in a rich creamy almond base sauce full of flavour, dish garnished with ground pistachio nuts


Tandoori King Prawn

Jumbo size prawns marinated in our special sauce then
grilled in the Tandoor


Khazana Akni Murgh
Tender grilled breast of spring chicken grilled with spicy minced lamb. A popular dish from Bangladesh

Khazana Mix Grill
A real feast, carefully selected by our Tandoori chef.
Mixed grill consists of our finest grilled dishes


Modu Murg
Succulent strips shredded marinated grilled chicken
cooked in a rich creamy butter sauce. Finished with
a touch of honey

Chef's Recommendations

Khazana Nawabi
Combination of grilled chicken, lamb & jumbo king prawn cooked in medium mossala sauce

The following dishes may be ordered as:
Chicken/Lamb Tikka

King Prawn/Duck Tikka




Khazana Staff Curry

(available after 7pm, varies on the day)
Your first hand experience of what the chef has prepared for all the staff tonight. Medium to hot, the closest to a


Tikka Mossala
Ever popular, mild creamy yoghurt base sauce

truly unique Bangladesh dish.    

Tikka Passanda

Mild almond base sauce


Tandoori Butter Chicken
Succulent strips of grilled chicken cooked with butter
& fresh cream - very mild

Tikka Karai
Chunky peppers & onion finely mixed with ginger & herbs, fresh tomatoes & coriander


Chicken Rezalla
Succulent strips of grilled chicken with mixed peppers, onion, ginger & fresh coriander. Cooked in a hot spicy sauce.


Tikka Garlic Chilli
A spicy garlic flavoured dish with fresh herbs and coriander

Khazana Kurzi
Our chef's recommendation, tender roast lamb or
chicken marinated in yoghurt & herbs.

Tikka Jalfrezi
A hot spicy dish with ginger, onions, fresh tomatoes & herbs

Gholda Chata
King prawn with mushrooms cooked in a special chef's sauce, strongly recommended


Tikka Sagwala

Medium dryish dish cooked with spinach, garlic, fresh tomatoes & coriander

Chicken/Lamb Tapeli

Cooked with a fresh garlic, ginger, capsicum, tomatoes
& decorated with fresh cream, onions & coriander

   Old Favourites


Murgh Zalzala

Tender breast of grilled chicken coated with mixed

    The following dishes may be ordered as:

    peppers, herbs & traditional Indian hot chilli pickle.
A fierce dish not for the faint hearted
King Prawn
Chicken/Lamb Tikka



Panner Tikka Mossala

Traditional homemade cheese in a delicately prepared
mild butter sauce, a feast for the cheese lover

Very mild and creamy dish


Khazana Chicken Olives

A wonderful combination of a medium to hot spice
blended with olives to create a dish full of flavour

  Medium Bhuna
A drier than usual curry with fresh herbs


Roghan Josh

Medium dish in a rich tomato base spicy sauce

   Khazana Khata Mossala
A wonderful combination of tamarind and tomato sauces
with spiced onion and lentils to create a tantalising hot,
sweet and sour dish. Can be ordered with chicken or lamb

  Medium Doplaza
Medium dish with onion


Sweet & sour hot dish




A hot dish with lentils, sweet & sour taste



Hot & tangy sauce flavoured with desiccated coconut


A well spiced hot dish


Very Hot


Needs no introduction!
(the ever popular very hot dish)