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Khazana Kebab Wrap

Lightly spiced minced lamb, with a hint of garlic, ginger
& fresh coriander, wrapped in a thin parcel of roast
bread. A firm favourite in the streets of Mumbai


Khazana Chicken Kebab

Lightly spiced minced chicken, pan fried with fresh
coriander and herbs


Crab Cake

Fresh white crab with light spices



Chicken Pakoras

Chicken breast coated in golden breadcrumbs



Mirchi Bora

Oven baked sweet pepper stuffed with spiced mince
lamb and baby potatoes, served with tangy tomato
base sauce


Samosa (Meat of Vegetable)

Traditional homemade Indian filled pastry



Panner Tikka

Indian cheese marinated & grilled in Tandoor



Onion Bhaji

The ever popular spiced onion fritters



Chicken/Lamb Tikka

Marinated in herbs & grilled in the Tandoor



Garlic Mushrooms

Button mushrooms, stir fried with garlic & herbs



Tandoori Chicken

Spring chicken marinated in herbs & grilled in
the Tandoor



Sheek Kebab

Spiced minced lamb, skewered & barbecued in the
clay oven




Reshmi Kebab

A round shaped minced lamb kebab covered
with omelette


Prawn Puree

Lightly spiced prawn in tangy sauce over pancake
like Indian bread




Tandoori King Prawn

Lightly spiced jumbo king prawns grilled in the clay
oven, served with fried onion



King Prawn Butterfly

King prawn with herbs, deep fried in breadcrumbs



Fish Tikka

Grilled Indian Ocean fish served with fried onions


King Prawn Puree

Lightly spiced jumbo king prawn served in puree

   Platter Starters       
    Tandoori Platter (min 2 persons)
Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, tandoori king prawn, sheek
kebab & fish tikka.

Vegetable Platter (min 2 persons)
Vegetable samosa, panner tikka, onion bhaji &
garlic mushroom

Khazana Mixed Platter (min for 2 persons)
A combination of crab cake, chicken pakora, king prawn,
panner tikka & lamb tikka